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Honor lighting has been producing Industrial and commercial lighting from our factory for almost 20 years. Our aim has always been to offer a high quality product with service to match. Our current range comprises lighting equipment for a vast range of different applications. Because we understand that our customers’ requirements are varied we are geared to the production of bespoke products even in small quantities. With our in-house lighting design team plus our extensive on-site manufacturing plant, we work with clients worldwide to design and then produce lighting solutions that meet their exact requirements.


What makes us unique amongst our competitors is that we are able and willing to make special jobs in very small quantities, or even one offs. Approximately 50% of our orders are bespoke in some way shape or form, from small variations of standard products to fully custom made Luminaires.


Having moved to new premises with investment in modern CNC machinery and ERP system our team is highly motivated and ready to meet your needs whatever they may be. To discuss your needs with us today. We can give advise on energy saving, lighting schemes and any other requirements, Contact us to discuss your particular project.



Our values: "Credibility, Service, Unity, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence."

Our philosophy: ”Only through persistently creating values and truly being concerned about individuals, the enterprise will create a bright future.”

Our faith: “Serving world-class enterprise builds us opportunity and bridge to become a world-class enterprise”

Our slogan: "To balance the needs of organizations and individuals, to integrate enthusiasm and skills of everyone, to thrive to become a strong enterprise."

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Contact: Lanny

Phone: +86-18450029672

Tel: +86-592-3520687

Add: 2nd Floor, Building 2, No.215 Yuehua Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

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